We opened our first shop in 2002, and from day one we've committed to using 100% Certified Organic coffee beans.

Why would we commit to the extra time and money it takes to acquire, develop and serve 100% Certified Organic coffee? Here are just a few reasons:

1 One huge benefit of organic coffee beans is flavor.

Free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, untouched by noxious chemical additives and preservatives, 100% certified organic beans are grown using strictly organic farming methods.

Organic beans are generally a rich, full and robust natural flavor since no artificial chemicals are allowed to interfere. Our blend of shade grown, 100% Certified Organic espresso beans used for our Fiore espresso blend has a complex, chocolatey, nutty flavor profile that is smooth and robust. We feel like it's complexity, along with it's smooth finish, makes it the best espresso blend we've ever tasted.

2 Organic coffee is considered to be healthier than traditionally grown coffee.

It is rich with natural antioxidants and enzymes, providing significant health benefits to those who drink it. Drinking 100% Certified Organic coffee insures that you are tasting the pure essence of the bean without any residue of pesticides, herbicides or other noxious chemicals that are present in non-organic beans.

Organically grown beans are also more environmentally responsible than coffee that is grown using all those toxic chemical additives.

3 Certified organic coffee must meet several requirements.

It must be grown on land without using chemical pesticides and other artificial substances for at least three years;

A sufficient buffer zone must exist between the organic beans, and the closest traditionally-grown crop;

The coffee farmer must rotate crops to control pests, prevent soil erosion and prevent soil nutrient depletion.

We pay a premium for beans grown following these requirements, but we feel it's worth it. With its rich, pure, intense flavor and its benefits to your health, you’ll be doing yourself a favor, as well as helping to save our precious environment. We hope you feel as good about our commitment to organic beans as we do!