Seattle Weekly

(July 2012)

A Love Letter to Caffè Fiore's Sevilla

"It was nearly three years ago, on a drizzly, typical Seattle day when a friend brought me to your Queen Anne shop on a visit from San Francisco. I'd spent the weekend gallivanting around the city, soaking in the sights, sounds, and flavors of the Emerald City, deeply contemplating a move north. Your Sevilla mocha sealed the deal..."

Seattle Magazine

(June 2011)

Ultimate Summer Activities and Sun Spots

Coffee and sun are some of the best things our city has to offer (albeit usually in inverse proportions). Get your caffeine fix with a vitamin D boost by basking in Caffè Fiore’s south-facing Adirondack chairs, a perfect place to sip your latté and sun your skin. Queen Anne, 224 W Galer St.

Seattle Magazine

(April 2011)

Best Independent Coffee House 2011

Seattle Magazine

(April 2010)

Best Independent Coffee House 2010